Bad grades thanks to OBE

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 IT is surprising to hear from the Education Department of the grades   in  PNG  in  2013 (The National, Feb 2). 

It  is the fruits of past governments that we are now harvesting and we will harvest more of that going forward. 

It is the result of the outcomes-based education (OBE) and we cannot blame the teachers, the materials and what not. 

It is the product of past governments of PNG. 

I thank Prime Minister Peter  O’Neill  for reconsidering the OBE when he got into power. 

I believe it is in the pipeline  to  do  away with it. We  must  be  mindful if we want to introduce new  projects  in  any  department that are brought in from  developed countries. 

PNG is not a testing place. 


Joe Mogerama, Via email