Bad roads damaging locals’ fresh produce, agency says


Fresh produce growers and suppliers are hard hit by the state of roads in Mt Hagen and along the Highlands Highway, Fresh Produce Development Agency general manager Mark Worinu says.
“We can’t further emphasise the seriousness of this (Highlands) highway,” he told The National.
“Many times, we’ve been talking about it, and Government really needs to address it because you can see that food landing in Port Moresby has already deteriorated.
“This food is transported from the Highlands down to Lae, and when it comes to Port Moresby, it has already deteriorated in terms of quality.
“The Highlands Highway is a very important national asset which the Government needs to seriously look at rehabilitating.
“The Highlands Highway should be up to standard.
“All farmers from Western Highlands who transport their produce to Lae are having a very-difficult time trying to transport their produce.
“We can’t go further to emphasise the important of the Highlands Highway.
“I know that there is progress being made to rehabilitate the highway but how soon is the serious question.
“It’s critically important for everyone.”