Bail lawful: Magistrate

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THE police had lawfully granted bail to National Capital District (NCD) Governor Powes Parkop’s daughter-in-law Quinnie Mick because no firearm was used when she allegedly assaulted a woman whom she suspected of having an affair with her husband on Nov 30.
Waigani Committal Court magistrate Paul Nii ruled that there was only assault, the use of small knives and threat.
“That did not contravene Section 4 of the Bail Act as firearms and imitation firearms were not used in the attack,” he said.
Mick, 24, from Ambum’s Kupin Kem village in Enga, is charged with deprivation of liberty, armed robbery, threatening to kill and unlawfully assaulting Stacey Lydia Sirimai between 9am and 1pm on Nov 30.
Mick, who is married to Sengol Parkop, who contested in the Moresby North West by-election last year, has alleged that Sirimai was having an affair with her husband.
After Mick’s arraignment, the question was raised whether or not firearms or any imitation of firearms were used when the alleged offence was committed.
Police Prosecutor Sergeant Joseph Sangam had applied to the court to revoke the police bail since dangerous weapons were used.
Sangam maintained that police had no authority to grant bail for offences in which dangerous weapons were used.
Mick’s lawyer Edward Sassingian said under Section 4 of the Bail Act, there should be evidence of firearms used for the refusal of bail but this was not done and, thus, police acted within the law to release Mick on police bail.
NCD Metropolitan Superintendent (administration) Chris Tamari said he authorised Mick’s bail because she was the only woman, the holding cell was crowded and that the case was a special one.
Nii said according to the summary of facts, the victim was:

  • ATTACKED and punched by Mick and others;
  • FORCED into a white sedan;
  • THREATENED with small knives;
  • ATTEMPTS were made to remove her trousers; and,
  • MICK was communicating with some of her relatives that she was bringing a pig (referring to Sirimai) for them to feast on.

Nii refused the application by police to revoke Mick’s bail and ordered that her police bail be upheld.
The matter returns to court on Feb 24.