Baisu officers want a probe team set up

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BAISU Correctional Service officers in the Western Highlands province are calling on Commissioner Richard Sikani to appoint an investigation team to conduct an investigation into the outstanding issues affecting the administration of Baisu jail.
Some of the issues highlighted in a letter dated Jan 26 this year and sent to Mr Sikani, included missing firearms, vehicle accident, missing airport clean-up money, escape statistics reports and break and enter of the institution’s armoury.
A source said the terms of reference for an investigation was sent early this year, as requested by Mr Sikani, his assistant and director for Highlands region  in order for them to send an investigation team,  but so far, nothing had been done.
The source said the officers were eager to know what was causing the delay in sending an investigation team.
The source also warned that prolonged delay was likely to result in another mass break out.
On the issue of firearm, a pump action shotgun issued to Biu-iebi jail in the Southern Highlands province but was transported to Baisu jail for safe keeping on May 5, 2005, went missing together with 10 rounds of ammunition in the jail’s armoury on June 25 last year.
There is no record at the registry as to who took the firearm and where it is now.
On another issue, a K10,000 cheque paid by the Civil Aviation Authority to the jail, after low-risk prisoners cut grass and cleaned the Kagamuga Airport last year had gone missing with no proper records.
In Baisu, a total of 85 prisoners broke out of the jail on two separate occasions in 2007 and last year, and this was yet to be investigated.
The officers are appealing to the commissioner  for an investigation team to  address these issues.