Baisu warders call for mass transfer of officers

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CORRECTIONAL officers in Baisu jail, Western Highlands, want all their commissioned officers to be transferred out to other jails in the country.
The officers claimed the administration had broken down which had resulted in mass prison breaks and the poor health conditions of the cells which had led to the recent deaths of three inmates.
Some junior officers claimed the working relationship between them and the commissioned officers had deteriorated and they were all working in isolation.
They said if there was unity in the jail and effective administrations, such breakouts and killings would not have occurred.
They said the prisoners broke out last Friday because the management had failed to bring in health personnel to check on sick prisoners and treat them.
The officers also called for an independent investigation to look into operations at Baisu jail.
They said they were ready to come out and provide information about the management of the jail and other corrupt practices taking place in the jail.
The officers warned that jail breakouts would continue unless all the commissioned officers were replaced.