Baiyer-Ruti area gets K120,000

Highlands, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A TOTAL of K120,000 was paid out to various projects in the Baiyer-Ruti area of Mul, Baiyer, Lumusa and Jimi districts earlier this month by the Western Highlands government.

The PNG Defence Force’s engineering unit received K50,000 for logistics and other associated costs for the construction of the new highway from Baiyer via Jimi connecting Madang and Morobe with the rest of the Highlands region.

Another cheque of K50,000 was paid to revive the now run-down Baiyer River cattle project while a part payment of K20,000 from the K50,000 was committed to the Mara Wek Ruti Kokowa road as logistic support.

When presenting the three cheques, the governor’s executive officer Joe Het said it was the current provincial government’s vision, under Governor Tom Olga, to ensure that rural areas were given equal preferences as urban centres.

He said the majority of the people were based in the rural areas and as such, government services and other developments should be fairly distributed. 

Het added that development funds were parked under various projects for people to access and run their own projects.