Baloiloi urges Unitech students to set goals

Lae News, Normal


ALWAYS begin with the end in mind.
These were the words of University of Technology Vice Chancellor Dr Misty Baloiloi during his address to first year students at the start of orientation and registration week.
Likening this to a captain of a ship that sets a navigational course before setting sail, Dr Baloiloi encouraged the new breed of students to begin their journey of study by setting a navigational plan of how they can achieve their dream at the end of their time at the university.
“I would recommend very strongly  that you set yourselves some goals and a vision, that four years from today, you will see yourself graduating with a university degree,” he told about 800 students that enrolled to start their first year studies.
“Like a ship that is bound to encounter rough seas that are sometimes life threatening due to currents and strong winds as well as reefs, the captain must use the plotted navigational plan of the journey to keep the ship on course until the ship arrives at the destination,” he said.
He said in the same way, students must define personal statements, write them down.
Dr Baloiloi told the students that their parents, communities and the nation held high expectations for them to succeed in their studies in order to participate meaningfully in the development of the country.
Thus, in turn, improve the standard of living.
He highlighted that they were joining the university at a time when the country is being faced with major changes and challenges.
Dr Baloiloi referred to the LNG project and other major hydro carbon industry developments as clear examples of this economic-induced demand that are almost entirely science and technology driven industrial development.
As a result, Dr Baloiloi said Unitech, along with the National Government, and the higher education sector were all taking strategic action aimed at equipping agencies of State, business, commerce and industry and the  community at large to capture the wealth creation opportunities.