Ban provincial days: MP

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PROVINCIAL days should not be brought into towns and cities and it is better to abolish them because they create provincialism and social problems, Lae MP John Rosso says.
Rosso, the MP of the second biggest city in the country, spoke about celebrations organised by university students in Port Moresby and Lae in the lead-up to Independence.
“People should not bring provincial days into towns and cities as they only create disharmony, provincialism, ethnic fighting and cause a lot of social problems,” he said.
“It is just another excuse to get drunk and create disharmony in the city and must be abolished.”
Rosso said the provincial days should be taken back to provinces and celebrated if there was a desire to do so.
“If it is Morobe Day, take it to Lae city and celebrate it,” he said.
“If it is Simbu Day, take it to Kundiawa and celebrate it.
“We should be teaching our cultures in the respective provinces and not in cities as it promotes provincialism, regionalism and divisions and creates disunity.”
Rosso said that unity as one Papua New Guinea should be promoted in towns and cities.
“For instance, Lae city is home to people of all ethnic background,” he said.
“We must stand united and promote a united PNG.
“I’m not a fan of provincial days.
“I will rather celebrate unity on Independence Day to promote a united Papua New Guinea than provincial days.”
Rosso said he would continue to push the message that provincial days be abolished in towns and cities.
Meanwhile, vice-chancellor for the University of Papua New Guinea Prof Frank Griffin said the university had already made a decision to ban provincial days organised by UPNG students from next year.


  • I strongly support the MP on the ban of Provincial Days in the cities and towns because it is now becoming an annual event in which it is also on the other hand promoting provincialism, regionalism and divisions between the people which creates disunity in the cities and towns.

  • This is bright idea, this should be stopped because on that particular day falls, so many unnecessary ethic clashes and disrespect to other people or other cultures. Especially Enga, Hela and SHP used to do that in many times in the cities like Port Moresby and Lae. Very stupid malignity they used to portray in such day.

  • No other flags should be flown leading up to Independence day celebration. We are celebrating PNG’s nationhood and we must be proud and fly our national flag. Ban provincial days in the city and towns.

  • I totally agree with that moving forward, PNG is full of regionalism, jealousy and wantok system. It happens at work places, sports arena, politics, business, in churches, on the streets, in towns and even in the homes. I can strong say that we claim to be united but in reality PNG is a divided society. The university students should take their so called provincial days back to their provinces not in Port Moresby.

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