Bank warns of individuals ‘soliciting money’


THE Women’s Micro Bank Ltd (WMBL) says there are individuals claiming to work for the bank to solicit money from unsuspecting customers.
Chief executive officer Gunanidhi Das told The National yesterday that it had come to the bank’s attention that individuals were tricking customers by giving false assurances on WMBL’s benefits.
Das, however, said the bank had only heard rumours and there had not been any formal complaints made to the bank by customers but urged customers to report to the bank if they were approached by individuals.
WMBL has seven remote locations around the country and it is now making public awareness in those locations to inform customers of to be wary of unauthorised individuals making claims.
In giving an update of the progress of the bank, Das said they were optimistic about its performance this year.
The bank has over 50,000 customers, a majority of which were women and made small profit of under K100,000 last year.
It urged its customers who were also shareholders to continue banking with WMBL to make their own bank profitable which would leverage it to pay out dividends to them at the end of a financial year.
The bank’s Mama Access Point programme was also progressing with six recognised locations in the country. The programme was aimed at registering customers biometrically.

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