Basil calls on MPs to provide services

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BULOLO MP Sam Basil has called for Members of Parliament, to be proactive and optimistic, rather than being reactive and pessimistic.
Mr Basil urged that it is paramount that MP’s, particularly those who held ministerial positions, to start having a real heart for the people and go the extra mile to ensure change and development is delivered.
“Government ministers must now choose between having a comfortable job with perks and privileges or deliver the much needed services for the nation,” he said.
“Papua New Guinea is now experiencing the problems of failed systems and the ordinary people are suffering the most,” he said.
Mr Basil raised the concern as he firmly believes that the signs are clear.
“In recent times we have regular air, sea and road disasters, out break of diseases with no available drugs in the hospitals, regular break out from the CS establishments, people are being marginalised from cottage industries and many more associated problems this country is facing,” he said.