Basil: Leave Grand Chief alone

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The National, Thursday 5th January 2012

NATIONAL Planning Minister Sam Basil says members of parliament in the Somare faction should stop misleading Sir Michael Somare and allow him to rest.
Basil suggested that some MPs were using the Grand Chief for their personal gain and should stop to allow him to recover from his operations.
“Anderson Agiru, Sir Arnold Amet, Patrick Pruaitch and Arthur Somare have been forcing the old man,’’ he said.
“Leave him alone and allow him to rest so that he recovers well from his operation. It is about time we help him and not use him and put more pressure and stress on him.”
He said if the Grand Chief got more ill from the pressure, the MPs should be held responsible.
He said the country acknowledged the many contributions Sir Michael had made for the young nation and he should be left to rest.
He said Agiru and Sir Arnold needed to go back to their provinces and provide the leadership as their people needed them.
He said Madang and the Southern Highlands provinces needed good governors to provide leadership in their provinces and not stay in Port Moresby.