Basil wants quota as he pushes for coal-fired plant


Energy Minister Sam Basil, pictured, says Papua New Guinea should have a quota for burning coal.
He was speaking when advocating for a coal-powered electricity plant in Lae.
Basil said that Papua New Guinea was a signatory to the Paris Agreement, however, big nations were not reducing coal emission. “Big nations are not reducing it (coal emission), therefore, Papua New Guinea needs to be given a quota,” Basil said.
“In PNG, we’ve been denied that right (to burn coal) for a very long time. As mandated leaders from Morobe, we made a decision to make sure we provide cheap power for Lae city to develop into an industrial hub.”
Developer Mayur Resources managing-director Paul Mulder said 70 per cent of Australia’s energy came from coal.
He said that in Lae at the moment heavy fuel and diesel being burnt created lots of emissions. Mulder said the technology they were bringing would not only drastically reduce electricity prices, but also increase jobs and manufacturing activities.
He said they would fund University of Technology with K1 million annually for a sustainable energy research institute.