Basil wants to serve people

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

BULOLO MP-elect, Sam Basil, will serve his Bulolo people, whether on the opposition or government benches, to the best of his ability.
Basil described caretaker Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s Alotau camp as a small pond with too many big fish with big appetites.“The coalition won’t hold for two weeks.
“Most corrupt veteran politicians who have brought this country to where it is will destroy Peter O’Neill within 18 months if in government,” he warned.
 “Peter O’Neill must choose his coalition carefully among the corrupted ones.
“They have to be in government to protect and help themselves again,” he said.
The Bulolo MP claimed that new faces in politics must stand up to make a difference if the country was to see changes. He said the people wanted change and new MPs running straight into camps without giving a thought to why their voters choose them must rethink their motives carefully.
“New leadership can weed out corruption and the root of it.
It is  mainly centered on veteran politician and their regimes,” Basil said.