Batter up for Goroka in softball

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The National, Friday 11th November 2011

THE Goroka Softball Association will pitch off its 2011-12 season this weekend with trial matches among the existing clubs in both the men’s and women’s divisions.
The competition was revived late last year after an eight year hiatus and despite that lapsed period five teams in the men’s and six in the women’s have indicated their interest in the new season.
This season additional teams are expected to be affiliated to expand the number of teams in participation.
An urgent meeting arranged by the National Sports Institute (NSI)staffer and senior softball technical official Peter Bird Saliau yesterday would determine the exact number of clubs that would be taking part in the competition.
Existing clubs in the men’s division are Malangan, Brown Eagles, Faniufa Tigers, Laikos and Lopi Brothers.
The women’s division has Lopi Sisters, United Sisters, Karanas, Malangan, Laikos and Tigers.
Former glamour teams like New Guinea Islands (NGI), Elcom, Barbarians, Karanas, Frameworks and Hawks in the men’s division are likely to re-enter the competition.
Wantoks, Medics, Elcom, Telikom, Minogere Royals and a team from Kundiawa have expreesed an interest to affiliate this season.
Association president John Supa expressed optimism with the expansion of the participating teams, saying that he had been negotiating with several business houses for sponsorship of the competition.
When the Goroka Softball Association hosted the 36th National Softball Championships earlier this year, Bintangor Trading was the major sponsor of the four Goroka teams that participated in the championships.
The retailer is expected to continue its assistance despite its huge sponsorship with champion Digicel Cup rugby league team Goroka Lahanis.
Supa said issues like the expansion and the format of the competition were discussed in yesterday’s meeting at the NSI which involved representatives from all clubs.