Be alert on foreign terrorists

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The National, Friday November 20th, 2015

 I WISH to add to Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato’s condemnation of the terrorist attacks in France. Terrorist attacks and suicide bombings are common in the Arab countries. In 2011 when the World Trade Centre in New York was destroyed by terrorists, a clear warning was sent to other countries that they could also be attacked. And last Friday, France was attacked and innocent lives were lost. We should now question the security and safety of our country as terrorists can infiltrate anywhere. They are not afraid to die as their principle is to kill or to be killed. Are we safe? Even we are not sending troops to fight against ISIS or terrorism, we do have Muslims among us. If our law says there should be freedom of religion, why do we call ourselves a Christian country and accept other religions? Our enemies could be within us and I will not be surprised if there is a terrorist attack in PNG.


Junior Koldop, via email

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