Be considerate when using phones in public


WALK into a shop and you will see people on their phones.
They are talking. They are texting. They are listening to music and playing video games.
What they are not doing is paying attention. That lack of attention especially when you are in the shopping mall or store is annoying.
If you want to talk or text, for goodness sake, stay in your car until you have completed your business.
We have all got so high on the idea that we can communicate with anyone on the planet, at any time that we try to do just that, ignoring other people around you.
Be considerate of other shoppers who cannot manoeuvre their trolley along the aisle or a corner because you suddenly stop to check your phone.
It is even worse at the airport.
But thankfully, security guards at the banks are alert and will always flag a customer when they are on the mobile for too long (that’s what I have noticed).
The next time you might find a trolley being pushed right into your leg.
You have been warned.

Irritated shopper


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