Be on alert for coronavirus


OVER 105,300 coronavirus (Covid-19) cases have been confirmed worldwide with the figure increasing daily.
So far, there has been over 3,500 deaths globally with 416 deaths outside of China.
About 95 countries have confirmed cases of the coronavirus and more will be added to this list because none are immune to this virus.
Developed countries such as Italy and South Korea are struggling to contain this virus.
Our nearest neighbours have confirmed cases of the virus.
Virologists thought the incubation period of this virus is two weeks, but it seems to be unpredictable.
The incubation period now stands at three weeks.
The elderly people are vulnerable with comorbidities and those that are immunocompromised or with low immunity who succumb to irreversible lower respiratory infection.
Avoid the following places/activities to reduce chances of contracting the virus when it arrives in Papua New Guinea;

  • BEING in a crowd;
  • SHAKING hands;
  • SHARING cigarettes;
  • SHARING betel nut and mustards;
  • ATTENDING church service;
  • A SPORTING gathering;
  • A TRADITIONAL gathering;
  • A POLITICAL rally;
  • ATTENDING school; and,
  • GOING to a market and shopping mall.

Always maintain personal hygiene.
A vaccine is yet to be developed and a lot is yet to be known about this virus. Current anti-retroviral drugs are being used to treat this coronavirus.
It neither needs political nor administrative point scoring in the fight against this disease that is reaching the far ends of the globe.
The fight to avoid this virus entering this country should be collective.
Any foreign or PNG stationed vessels (land, sea and air) arriving from overseas may declare themselves safe but highly unpredictable because people who are asymptomatic and coming may carry the virus.
Therefore, absolute precaution, scrutiny, pre-gate and parking check and isolation, evaluation and quarantine should be on passengers before they pass through the gates.
Land, sea and air vessels should have fumigation certificates before coming to PNG shores too.
Once the virus arrives in Papua New Guinea, its potency to spread will be unpredictable.
There should be no panic but people should be alerted at the soonest.
The global economy is feeling the pain from this covid-19 and this recovery will take some time.
The World Health Organisation says global governments should help. The Government should not take it lightly and should adequately resource its responsible departments and agencies to monitor, evaluate, assess, and take preventive measures to avoid this virus from entering the country.
Have in place advanced management procedures to detect the virus.

Dr. James Naipao,
National President,
National Doctors Association


  • Dr. Naipao, thanks a million times for the most vital information being delivered to the Government and people of PNG.
    Hope the Government will take this into consideration before… it’ll be too late..
    As Bill Gates said in UTube, the most feared disease in mankind..
    GOD bless you, your family and your job.

  • Country like China is ranked within top ten in health including medication, treatment to sick people, cure etc.. but they can not contain the virus. we need to be very focus, every one living along the border must be their extra duty to prevent trans passing.
    Government must take this seriously.

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