Beer, liquor cartons destroyed in Porgera

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 2nd May 2013

 POLICE destroyed 182 cartons of beer and 104 cartons of liquor at the Porgera Police Station yard in Enga on Tuesday, as instructed by the court.

The cartons were confiscated during a police operation in the Porgera district over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Porgera District Court ordered police to destroy the cartons of beer and liquor after the smugglers were convicted and ordered to pay hefty fines.

Acting court clerk Philip Lakai and police prosecutors organised the destruction of the cartons in public witnessed by the police liaison officer from Barrick and district administration officials.

“We wanted people to see that the court and police will not tolerate those who continue to defy the liquor ban restrictions imposed in Enga,” he said. 

Lakai said it was the biggest volume of alcohol ordered to be destroyed in the district.

The operation involved the Porgera police, mobile squad units from Tomaringa and Wabag, and the reserve police unit from Porgera’s Barrick Gold Ltd who conducted raids in villages in Porgera.

They also confiscated eight home-made guns, two rifles with live ammunition and uprooted 700 matured marijuana plants.