bemobile gives uniforms

Highlands, Normal

BEMOBILE has come to aid of Goroka town authority with new uniforms for rules inspectors to keep the town clean.
bemobile Highlands regional sales and marketing executive, Emmanuel Kange, and Goroka resident manager Esther Riddle officially presented the uniforms and caps to Goroka town mayor Koni Sari.
Mr Kange said bemobile provided similar support to Mt Hagen city town rangers.
“Goroka is the second town in the Highlands to receive uniforms and caps from bemobile.
“We want you to keep the town clean and refrain from littering.
“With this effort, we can encourage other companies to come to help the town authorities maintain public cleanlinesses,” Mr Kange said.
The khaki uniforms have the Goroka town authority logo on the front and bemobile on the back.