bemobile show a hit in Lae

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BEMOBILE played host to a three-hour musical extravaganza at the Lae Rugby League on Tuesday evening.
The festival featured some of PNG’s chart-topping bands with veterans George Telek and the Shaydeez band, belting out their latest and favourite numbers. 
The festival started with a crowd pleasing and vibrant performance by contemporary band Tribe of Jubal followed by performances from BJ Nagura and Ansolom.
However, the highlight of the show was the new bemobile anthem, Be Mobile, Be Happy which adopted the tune of international singer Bobby McFerrin’s hit single Don’t Worry Be Happy.
The new tune in town left the crowd humming all the way home.
The festival ended with a spectacular display of fireworks to the words of the new theme song, Be Mobile, Be Happy.
The festival was also a timely event as the new bemobile office was opened the following day.
Chief commercial officer Chris Raps said a promotion would be carried out in the form of road shows and giveaways to introduce the better rates and greater values that were being offered by bemobile. 
He said the festival was successful despite minor setbacks, saying it was a great way to tell the people of Lae that bemobile was in town.