Beon Prison inmates dig pit toilets as water runs out

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INMATES at the Beon Prison in Madang has started using pit toilets because of water shortage problem there.
Correctional Services Commissioner Michael Waipo said they might have to move prisoners to other jails if conditions worsen.
Some locals vandalised the Water PNG plant in Madang last Saturday following a riot which caused the disruption to water and sewer services.
Waipo told The National last night that officials from the Correctional Service had visited the jail in Madang and made assessments.
There will be a meeting in Port Moresby today to see how best the Beon inmates would be helped. There are about 405 inmates at Beon.
“Beon has limited Tuffa tanks,” Waipo said.
“The reserve will last for two days. We are looking at different options to help our citizens (prisoners).
“Our final option is to transfer some of them out of Beon depending on the water situation.
“We have 135 out of 405 on the list waiting to be transferred, but again transferring them would be the last option. It would be a huge task and depends on funding.
“We will need big help if we are to transfer them (prisoners) out of Madang. But we will do our best to help them.”