Better market needed for local arts, crafts: Seller


PAPUA New Guinea has an abundance of local art and craft but the market is not reliable, resulting in many artisans giving up while others continue to produce practical and ornamental items, according to a seller.
Elis Petrus, from Southern Highlands, sells knitted bilums, caps, and bags at Lae’s Main Market.
She said a separate market was needed for arts and craft so customers could go directly to it without looking for them items or sellers.
Petrus, who has been knitting and selling her products at the market for almost 15 years, said her earnings were dependent on customer preference as many sellers sold the same or similar products.
“We sell the bags ranging from K50 to K100, and bilums from K10 to K60 and the caps are K20 each,” she said.
“The demand for some products are high while some are low.
“We are all selling the same products so we just display them here and let the customers decide on what they want to buy.”
She said the money she made was used to support her husband pay for their children’s school fees and related costs as well as food for the family.
Petrus encouraged other women who had skills and were not making use of it to create arts and useful items to sell for money.
“We are living in a world of money,” she said.
“Without money, our lives will be tough.”
“Let’s use whatever opportunities we have to make money and look after ourselves.
“Do something productive and support yourselves and your family in the city.
“Life will be hard if we continue to be lazy.”

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