Better road system needed


THE Wafi-Golpu Road is constructed by the Wafi-Golpu JV LTD for mining purposes but it serves the Wafi landowners and the Watut River communities.
This road links the two districts – Bulolo and Huon Gulf.
Significant development projects are in this area, with agriculture businesses facing difficulties due to no proper roads.
Two major projects that can boost the country’s economy are the Wafi-Golpu mine and the lower Watut high quality cocoa production.
Can the leaders look into constructing of a better road system for the people?
The current road access through Timini (Demakwa Gate) is too steep with sharp corners leading to many road accidents.
Timini youths also loot cargoes from PMVs.
Several business owners, public servants especially teachers and health workers feel unsafe travelling along the Wafi Road.

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