Biased buai ban serves no purpose

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 3rd, 2014

 IT seems that the buai ban in NCD only covers the low-class, both sellers and chewers, who struggle to earn a living. 

Some of our leaders, when in the media (especially EMTV), do not look like politicians due to the strong buai stains in their mouth and teeth.

They look more like village councillors. 

When you create a law, please lead by example. 

The same goes to our law enforcement team, police and city rangers. 

I have seen many of them chewing in public or at their stations 

How can this law be effective when our own leaders and law enforcement teams are showing these bad examples? 

At the moment, I do not see much change as smugglers are still selling and chewing within the city. 

Let us work together to keep our city buai-free. 


Buai  zero

Port Moresby