Bid for spot in NRL on right track

Letters, Normal

I WANT to raise a number of important points related to recent articles which have appeared in The National casting doubt on the national impact project for PNG to seek a licence in the NRL competition.
The facts have been distorted or omitted to create a negative impression and I wish to correct this.
David Gallop has authorised the PNGNRL Bid to quote the words, “it is not a case of if but when”.
Anyone trying to take those positive words away or distort their uplifting and encouraging tone should be treated with suspicion. 
Readers already know from previous media conferences that any NRL discussions or plans related to expansion are only valid at the time when media rights negotiations are being finalised. 
Now is not yet the time for such discussions.
The NRL has made it clear that it is correct and proper procedure, until that time, any decision to prematurely change that position is not timely.
It is right that the NRL maintain support for its 16 teams with the existing media rights budget until it is time for that situation to come under review. 
The headline “No chance for 2013” (March 15) is misleading. 
This is an inflammatory statement whipped up by people with an axe to grind. 
I ask The National and its readers to be mindful of people’s motives when passing on half truths and misinformation.  
Readers should be aware that the PNGNRL Bid board was streamlined to conserve costs and ensure structure going forward. 
The Bid has strong sponsorship support from companies with substantial commercial experience. 
They have made their judgment that this is a worthwhile endeavour.
For the first time since Independence, our young people have an opportunity to play rugby league in schools, teachers have an opportunity to gain international qualifications in the sport as part of that programme and parents and guardians are assured there is a meaningful insurance cover in place.
This is just one example of the many important initiatives delivered by the PNGNRL Bid.


Powes Parkop
NCD Governor and board member NRL Bid