Biometric voting system confusing


THE biometric system is confusing.
Papua New Guineans are yet to get registered and have our birth certificate and NID cards.
It is unworkable and our people should not be forced to get into biometric registration.
PNG is one of the undeveloped countries in the world in terms of infrastructure, human resources, IT and others.
PNG is not ready to implement such a project while we have too much to do and too much to achieve.
It is against human rights and there has to be a nationwide consultation on this matter.
It needs to be debated on the floor of the parliament before implementing this scary agenda.
I think this will be an expensive exercise.
The acting electoral commissioner has stated its benefits are significant but I still doubt it.
From observation, there is no country in our region that uses this system.
This programme needs proper consultation and awareness throughout the country.

Maccabi Kentipa,