Bird commends government for ‘hard but fair’ budget


EAST Sepik Governor Allan Bird told Parliament that the 2020 Budget was hard but fair.
While commending the Marape-Steven government on the budget, Bird said it was time to bite the bullet.
“When we are open and honest about the business of government, our people will trust us.
“We are taking the first steps towards regaining the trust of our people and we have earned the trust of our development partners.
“Trust must begin in this house and it begins with honest budgeting.”
Northern Governor Gary Juffa told the government not to discount the critics.
“(In) their comments and statements you may find wisdom and let us not forget those on the other side because they also represent the people,” Juffa said.
Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta has fully supported the initiative that the government had taken through appropriation bills passed last week.
“I want to thank the Marape-Steven government in which they transparently highlighted the problems,” Haiveta said.
State Enterprises Minister Sasindran Muthuvel said transparency and honest were the key words for the 2020 Budget.
“I sincerely thank everyone who helped to put this budget together,” Muthuvel said.
East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga told government to be brutally honest at all times even when truth was difficult.
“When you are faced with difficult circumstances, do not fear to take real action.
“Take action that is going to make a real difference in the physical heath of the government as well as the economic and social health of the people,” Konga said.
Minister Commerce and Industry William Duma said it was a fair and balanced budget.