Bishops have no right to interfere

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 28th December 2011

THE call by the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG/SI cannot go unchallenged.
The CBC speaks on behalf of the Holy See, which is headed by the pope.
The pope has ambassadors in almost every country.
This means the pope is the first head to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state.
Our neighbours such as Australia, NZ and China did not say anything officially.
The court-recognised prime minister is recovering but not incapacitated.
He is the only person who can tell us whether or not he is fit or not to conti­nue.
We must remember that he was voted in by his people but he has become father to us all.
I would rather he resumed his duty.
The impudence and callousness of the MPs, CBC, and individuals are astoun­ding.
The CBC meant well but its comments were inappropriate.
It should exercise more restraint.

Dr G Gende
Port Moresby