Blocked creek affects locals

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The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013


MORE than 80 villagers at Kuglbagl, near the border of Chimbu and Jiwaka, are affected by a blocked culvert on Nigaigu Creek.

The blocked creek has now formed a lake about a kilometre long flooding food gardens, five houses, two pigs sties and 10 fish ponds.

It poses a threat to the Highlands Highway.

The villagers from the Sambuga, Kumai and Okan tribes residing in the area depend on Nigaigu Creek for their water supply.

It is now contaminated with human waste.

The culvert was put in place during the initial construction of the road and is now rusted and damaged by the weight of trucks frequenting the road.

Locals Bonma Danga, Thomas Dokup and William Bolkun said at the site yesterday that the creek began building up after culvert was blocked on Tuesday.

Danga said the creek is now forming a big lake and with the continuous rainfall experiencing in the area, the water level gradually increases and covered big land area upstream including five houses and not long it would washed a section of the main road.

He said he had reported the matter to the Jiwaka provincial disaster office and works division on Wednesday.

Dr Micheal Dokup, director medical service of the Hagen provincial hospital, said the flooding posed a big health threat to the villagers.

Dokup said the people are likely to be affected with water-borne diseases such as malaria, typhoid, and dysentery.

He said the villagers didn’t have a water supply and now looking for fresh water for drinking and cooking.