Bomana Police Barracks issue


IT appears that the ongoing housing issues affecting police officers and their families at the Bomana Police Barracks constructed by Red Sea Homes Ltd, were completed in haste without due considerations for the required infrastructure services covering, electricity, water and sewerage reticulations systems.
It is totally surprising to see pictures of the spouses and children of police officers clearly showing the problem with the sewerage over flowing onto the backyard of the houses they are occupying.
It is also overflowing inside the houses making it unbearable for the family to stay inside and undertake their daily household chores, as well as getting descent sleep during night or day.
The issues according to the tenants had been affecting them for last two years or so.
One would wonder if the relevant government authorities had ever been involved in overseeing and managing, especially, the engineering design constructions within these subdivision/barracks or not?
It is reported that the contractor had to abandon the uncompleted homes and other infrastructure due to outstanding payments that they had not received from the Government.
It is reported that the total cost of the project was K52mil and that an amount of K40mil was still outstanding, hence the abandonment.
If this is the main reason, then what have the National Procurement Commission, Police and the Finance departments done to address the situation?
The Eye Witness photo showing a PVC pipe leakages, (The National, July 31), clearly raises questions whether these houses and its related infrastructure services were adequately completed to the highest of standards required by its enabling regulations or not?
Where is the value for money, if this PVC pipe leakages photo is any indication of showing and confirming to us the obviously substandard workmanship, from these huge K52mil suspicious and ludicrous contract?
Were the necessary certifications issued to the contractor by the relevant authorities for the satisfactory completion of the houses and their infrastructure services requirements for the release of the last tranche of payment before the houses were allowed for occupation?
Obviously, someone has to own up to accept the blame for this reckless inhumane deprivation of the innocent tenants’ rights to descent accommodation.
They are unfortunately the pawn in the sandwich, for no fault of their own, and I for one would totally support their planned stop work over the issues.

Lorenitz Gaius
Ketskets village

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