Bona: MPs not in URP

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THE registry of political parties does not recognise the five opposition MPs who defected as members of the United Resources Party.
In a statement issued on Sunday, registrar of political parties Sir Kina Bona said the five members were not United Resource Party (URP) members until all requirements were met, including provisions of the Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates.
“Only two members of parliament, Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea and Dei MP Puri Ruing have fully satisfied all requirements to join URP,” Sir Kina stated.
He said all the others were non-members of URP until the party had satisfied the requirements under the organic law.
Sir Kina said the recent Supreme Court decision, nullifying certain provisions of the organic law, had an effect on the movement of members of parliament, especially on the resignation provisions.
“However, the main organic law provisions are still intact,” Sir Kina emphasised.
“Registrations by members of parliament dealing with the penalty provisions have been removed, but the normal registration provisions within the party constitutions and the organic law must still be applied.”
The registrar of political parties and candidates said political party executives and the members must work together to avoid fractions within party ranks.
Sir Kina said the registry did not have documents relating to parliamentary leadership of URP, therefore, Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma was still the parliamentary leader of URP with Malcolm Kela-Smith as his deputy.
He urged the parliamentary staff to convene an urgent meeting to clarify these matters for the good of the political parties and their members.