Boost local economy: Mackellar


PAPUA New Guinea needs to get some new investments soon if it is to really kick-start the economy and create more jobs, according to a major retailer.
Brian Bell Group chief executive officer Cameron Mackellar told The National yesterday that many retailers would be planning promotions and expecting big sales this festive season.
“Since June really, we have seen a significant uptick in activity across the country, however, the corporate market has been slower to bounce back but that’s understandable with the lack of mining and investment currently going on,” he said.
He said Brian Bell was optimistic about the future and growth not only about the business but the country’s economy as well.
“Regardless of the pandemic and challenging economy, we all get up in the morning and do the best we can,” Mackellar said.
“Business has never been easy for us and we create our own luck through the hard work and effort from our 1,200 strong team members.
“We will continue to grow our business in 2021 and we have very strong plans in place to do so.
“We will continue to expand in regional markets and upgrade our facilities along the way.
“This in turn provides more opportunities within those communities for us to give back, as well as creating jobs.
“Like all businesses, we look forward to coming out of the Covid-19 year and find better ways to connect with our customers.”