Botten urges unity among companies


OIL Search Ltd former managing director Peter Botten says landowner companies can achieve more if they work together.
Botten made the remark during ground-breaking ceremony on Tuesday for a landowner company that is investing K20 million in a building in Port Moresby to house its operation.
The PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services Ltd has been providing catering services in Oil Search areas since 2015.
“It is a true vision and inspiration for us as a company, as Oil Search, to see all landowners in many companies come together under one banner,” he said.
“I know it is tough, it is something that more than 10 years ago would not have happened.
“It is an example for the rest of the country that people, groups from very diverse backgrounds, from Tari to Kikori, can work cohesively under one banner for the good of their people and for the good of Papua New Guinea.
“If you can work together, then you leverage your true skills and are able to grow to a size which is more than sustainable, were you can become a major entity.”
Botten said they could do it in partnership with others.
He said Oil Search would also be there to support the new company.
“The vision to build an office, training facility and to be able to expend your business skills of your workforce.”
Botten has stepped down as managing director but will still work for Oil Search as chairman of its foundation.

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