Bougainville and Papua issues


OUR national leaders who come out and talk about independence for Bougainville and West Papua should be very mindful of their position as national leaders.
Leaders should understand the position of the national Government on Bougainville and Indonesia because there are bilateral agreements and mutual understanding between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
A statement by NCD Governor Powes Parkop supporting the separation of Bougainville from PNG and West Papua from Indonesia is inappropriate.
Parkop should focus on how to improve the welfare of the PNG community.
There are still challenges for PNG, including NCD, especially with the growing problems of crime and family violence.
The Government under Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is supporting, cooperating and pushing the process of referendum for Bougainville and it does not need any political opportunist to come out to be a voice for Bougainville.
Politicians should not travel under the disguise of Bougainville to try to undermine the good relationship between Indonesia and PNG.

Steven Andambo
General Secretary
Millennium Good Governance