Bougainville govt cautions groups not to disturb peace process

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The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government  (ABG) has cautioned Bougainvilleans, national government and foreigners interested in the resources at Panguna to be mindful of the peace process that is in progress.
Vice-president Patrick Nisira said the progress of peace through the Panguna Unification and Reconciliation process “is fragile”.
“It is very important to the people of Bougainville region.
“The peace process belongs to the ABG acting directly on behalf of the people of Bougainville and the people of Panguna,” Nisira said.
He said the ABG was responsible for the welfare and well-being of its people and “anyone who has business interests in Bougainville must be mindful of the status of the people”.
“It is not always easy to deal with people who have different ideas and who see things differently from traditional me­thods of resolving conflicts to formal methods scrutinised by world bodies or international communities,” Nisira said.
He urged that all national members of parliament, ABG ministers, business houses and individuals to be honest and not make empty promises to the people of Panguna to win favours.
“I have negotiated with the ABG mandate and not with money or commitments for the government to pay anything or give people promises of wealth of any kind,” Nisira said.
He said the ABG had dealt through the normal government process and made a breakthrough with perseverance and personal contact and communication using the traditional Bougainville way of dialogue and making peace.
“I want to remind us that the world is watching us Bougainvilleans and the way we conduct ourselves must be up to standards set and must be sustained,” Nisira said.