Brazilians to teach at a newly establish elementary school

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The National, Thursday February 20th, 2014

 THREE missionaries from Brazil in South America will be teaching at the Ruldi ACE Elementary School in Polga, Anglimp local level government, Jiwaka.

They will be backed by three local teachers. 

The missionaries vowed to voluntarily provide the services during the opening of the school, an initiative of locals.

Pastor Celho from Brazil said they wanted to help the children access quality education in the future.

Inspector for Elementary schools in Jiwaka, John Koipa said he would support the school to be registered and operate as a government school. 

He told more than 200 people that procedures must be followed to establish a school.

“I want to thank the locals for your initiative to establish this school. You even built the classroom,’’he said.

“But in order for schools to be recognised by the Government, there should be a consistent  number of students,” he said.

“If the numbers of students are inconsistent, the school will not be registered by the education department.”

A Kopi tribe leader described the school as a blessing.

“We the people of Kopi, Nokopa, Mananga, Kuluha are fortunate to have this school established in our community,’’he said.

He said the children would be better compared to others because they would be taught in English.