Breach of trust sees prisoner back in maximum security unit

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The National, Friday 21st September 2012

A PRISONER in Baisu jail in Western Highlands will be returned to a maximum security facility after allowing two women to enter the prison last Sunday morning.
Correctional Services Commissioner Martin Balthasar said the women – the prisoner’s wife and a relative – were invited by the prisoner in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Warders on duty caught them in the premises.
“The male prisoner invited his wife and a female relative to the prison and they were caught by guards at 2am (Sunday),” Balthasar said.
He said the prisoner, who was serving a long prison sentence, had been transferred to Baisu because of his good behavior.
But after his breach of trust, he would have to be transferred out again.
Balthasar said the matter would be treated seriously by the department and those who breached prison regulations would be dealt with by the law.
“The prisoner will be formally charged under the Correctional Services Act for entertaining non-prisoners at an odd hour,” he said.
“He will be moved to another correctional service facility soon.” 
Balthasar said that the two women were taken to the Mt Hagen police station.
“The wife and her female relative were formally charged for illegally entering the prison,” he said.
It was reported earlier that two women had entered the compound and raped two low-risk inmates on Sunday morning.