Briefs, National

A misunderstanding
THE National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) is embarrassed that tourists who came to Port Moresby two weeks ago on the ocean liner Rhapsody of the Seas were denied entry to the museum by the guards, who demanded payment. NMAG board of trustees chairman Julius Violaris said in a statement that the board regretted such a situation should arose and apologised to all Papua New Guineans. “This board will take steps to ensure that tourists are not turned away in the future, regardless of arrangements or lack of them by tour companies,” Mr Violaris said.  Ecotourism Melanesia managing director Aaron Hayes said the incident arose due to a misunderstanding between one of the tour guides and the museum staff at the entrance on that day. 



Leader calls for cooperation
A COMMUNIYT leader in Enga province is calling on the leaders to work together to improve the image of the province. Sopas Tambon, chairperson representing the Sopas community, is not happy with the handling of the administration by leaders responsible. He said malpractices were rife and leaders were using bribery to manipulate key people in the province to do what they want. Mr Tambon made a mention of the defunct S-A run hospital, Sopas, which was built nine years ago to help the four electorates. He said the hospital had served as a lifeline for people of Laiagam, Porgera, Wapenamanda, Kompiam and other electorates in the province.



Distribution of nets continue
THE free distribution of treated mosquito nets to NCD residents yesterday saw a big drop in numbers of people going to receive their nets at the distribution site at Taurama next to the PNG Motors car yard. Rotary against malaria (RAM) distribution coordinator Patrick Wii said due to the small numbers, he took to the streets of Port Moresby to make general awareness that the distributions were still on for this week and next week. Mr Wii said many people thought that the distributions were only for last week, and hoped that those who heard the campaigns would spread the word that the distributions would go on until Nov 20.



Hela task force to hold forum
A GROUP of educated elites from Hela, in the Southern Highland province living in Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen have called on the Government’s appointed Hela provincial status task force for an immediate forum. The call was made after concern was raised on the way the task force was managing the affairs and running of the new province. Calls for transparency and an immediate forum to discuss the matters that would lead to the well-being and prosperity of the province was high on priority. Spokespersons Enselm Mulungu stated that an immediate forum was of paramount importance as it was important to gauge ideas, thoughts and views of the majority of the 500,000 Hela populations.



Termites destroy quarters
THE sister’s quarters at Lae’s Angau Memorial Hospital is being destroyed by termites. Hospital staff who reside within the building were advised to move out. Chief executive officer Dr Polapoi Chalau said yesterday that the hospital had plans to demolish the buildings, however,“it seems the termites will demolish it before we get the chance to do it ourselves”. Dr Chalau said the hospital staff would need to look for their own accommodation. Angau Memorial Hospital was built at the end of World War II and is about 60 years old.