Briefs, Letters

What customer care?
AS I was running out of Easypay units, I decided to use my Digicel to top up. I keyed *775* followed by my meter number 10# and send. But the reply was “request not completed”. After 10 attempts, I called Digicel customer care for assistance. It was 10:13pm and a male operator (named) attended my call. He asked for my name, mobile number and location of residence. I provide all the information thinking that he would help me. To my surprise, he said it was a technical fault and to call PNG Power and hung up. Excuse me, you call that customer care? If it was a technical fault, resolve it and call me back as I have given my mobile number. – Unhappy customer, Port Moresby



Same old talk
HOW many times have I read about the Prime Minister saying that he will stamp out corruption? His reply to the Opposition leader that he will act after receiving the COI report is nothing new. If he is serious about stamping out corruption, then he must start with his ministers, departmental heads and cronies. The Prime Minister must learn from his Chinese counterpart where officials, regardless of their seniority, are executed when they are found guilty of graft. Only then will PNG become truly clean. – Fed up, Port Moresby



PM must act
IT is good to read about the Prime Minister saying he will take action against those who commit graft. It is time to wage war against corruption. If the PM wants to show he is serious, then he has to start from the top. There should be no more place for those involved in corrupt practices in this country. I call on TIPNG and all those involved in fighting corruption to join hands and see the PM’s commitment is achieved. I hope the PM shows everyone that he is indeed the real chief before he retires. – Franco Wawen, via email



Road block causes jam
CAN someone in CAA explain what is there to be gained from setting up a road block leading to the domestic terminal at Jackson Airport? During peak hours, the traffic can extend beyond the Erima roundabout, adding to a already congested part of the road. All that the guards do is ask commuters whether they are dropping off or picking up passengers. What is significant here? The public do not need to be inconvenienced by another example of stupidity. – Traveller, via email



Ban ‘old wrecks’
THE number of “old wrecks” should be banned from Port Moresby’s roads and highways. The thick black smoke and fumes they emit are a real concern. They contribute to climate change and pose a danger to our health in general. The relevant authorities such as MVIL, NCD and even the Health Department should seriously look into this problem. – Chaks Stret, Port Moresby



All the best, B’ville
I WOULD like to wish the Autonomous Region of Bougainville team all the best in the upcoming PNG Games. The same goes to all the other provincial teams, may the best team win. – Full support, Wuhan, China



Deport maniac
I refer to the incident involving the EMTV sales manager. I nearly had an accident with the same vehicle last Saturday about 10am at the roundabout of Wards Road and Hubert Murray Highway. The driver shot through the roundabout at breakneck speed with no regard for other vehicles or pedestrian. He should be hunted down and deported. We do not need people who have no respect for the laws of this country. – Dickson Tasi, via email



Editor’s note: It has been brought to our attention that the driver of the yellow sports car with a black stripe in our reports “Road rage incident turns nasty as shots fired” (Nov 10) and “I have nothing to hide, says ‘suspect’” (Nov 11) is a Papua New Guinean and not an Asian as reported.