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Land lease wrong
I READ in The National recently that Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu has signed an agreement with ExxonMobil to lease land portion 2457 and 2458 for the PNG LNG project plant in Central province. As a landowner from this area, I would like to stress that the land where the proposed plant and jetties would be built is customary land and the identification of the principal landowners are still in process. The landowner companies lodged their applications some months ago but there was no response. To my surprise, the minister has gone ahead and signed the agreement without any consultation with the landowners. This is a disgrace. The people from Boera, Papa and Lealea must not get carried away with the K873,000 given by the Government. That was peanut. The lease agreement must be signed between ExxonMobil and landowners and not ExxonMobil and the State. – Buria Tauna, Hiri West



State must not bow to threat
The threat to close off Kutubu access road of the Highlands Highway by Peripi Development Corporation (PDC) of Poroma in the Southern Highlands province is baseless. All major roads in PNG are national assets. The PDC must know that its land is outside of PDL 2 and 5, and as such, has no say in the Kutubu LBBSA. The State must not bow to such threat as it will only set a precedent. The Poroma access road exists because of Highlands Highway. If the State entertains one small ethnic group along the section of the highway, then it must be prepared to do the same with the rest living along the highway and even ports and waterways as, they too, provide similar service to Kutubu oil and LNG gas project. People who try to sabotage development by issuing such threats must face the full force of the law. – Ajako Junior, via email



PNG must clean up or else
AS the world moves towards globalisation, PNG is heading the other way. How can K2.2 million for the district support grant disappear without trace? Corruption has become an entrenched and endemic disease that is perpetrated by politicians, bureaucrats and public servants in positions of influence. The innocent people of Tewai-Siassi are suffering because of these perpetrators. The Government must review its processes. Unless drastic measures are taken, ordinary people will continue to suffer. Economic pundits are saying PNG will earn billions from the LNG project. This is terrifying news for a country like PNG where corruption is rampant and governance is poor. – Mehrra Minne Kipefa, Obura-Wonenara



Seal all roads, Smith
AS a citizen of Eastern Highlands province, I am glad to see workmen with their big heavy machines doing road maintenance around the main streets of West Goroka. I think EHP Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith is trying to deliver because good roads are what the people need. I call on Mr Smith to also seal and upgrade all the small roads in Goroka town too. This will then make Goroka a better place to live in. – Jeremiah Goi, Goroka



Well done, Yere
I WOULD like to commend our professional golfer David Yere for his commitment and dedication to hold clinics for junior golfers around the country. Even though I am not a junior golfer, I have seen and heard about the boys around notorious area of Lae city now playing junior golf. This is good news for the Sports Department and its new minister Philemon Embel to further look into it and support our local boys to be a good citizens tomorrow. – Lakey Lalatute, Lae



PNG needs a woman’s touch
I REFER to yesterday’s report “Government’s gift to the people, says PM”. If that is the case, then it means the Prime Minister has admitted he has failed to deliver all this while. This is a fact as all our infrastructure is falling apart or has collapsed. The truth is we have been suffering since we gained Independence 34 years ago. The plan is a good one but the question is – can it work and will it be implemented at the end of the day? What PNG needs is a woman’s leadership as running a country is like looking and feeding a family. We need someone like Dame Carol Kidu. – Ramcy, via email