Briefs, Letters

Clean up Govt depts
Corruption, absenteeism and laziness among our public servants are hindering the efficient delivery of vital government services. Numerous attempts have been made to correct that but to no avail. We have the largest and laziest workforce in the Pacific region; let alone the most corrupt. How many times have we read, heard or seen in the media the sufferings our people have to endure? Despite the immense natural wealth we have, our people continue to suffer from lack of very basic government services. I believe the time has come to carry out a major overhaul and clean our Government departments. Expatriates should be hired with the task to clean up these departments while recruitment and training of fresh university and college graduates is pursued and they are trained to take over from the expatriates. – Upisa Wana, Port Moresby



Internet project abused
IN March last year, a landmark wireless internet pilot project was launched by Telikom and the Government. It instantly transformed the Motuan village of Gaire into a global community. At the same time, the Gaire Elementary School received mini-laptops under the “one laptop per pupil” project. Children could be seen surfing the internet and browsing for information. Unfortunately, someone decided to abuse the system and started to charge K5 an hour for using the internet. I call on the project facilitators to pay a visit and find out what is going on. This is a community project, not for an individual to make money. – Kisere Besena, Port Moresby



Highlanders must show respect
AS a Highlander staying in Port Moresby, I am disgusted with some Highlanders for not showing respect to Motu-Koitabuans, Koaris and Papuans. I am disgusted and shocked to see Highlanders manning the gates of Gordon market and charging the local people. These people are there to sell their produce. And who gave the Highlanders the right to act as security guards? I call on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to look into this. – Tukumbkane, Port Moresby



Suspend police chief
I REFER to your report about the police commissioner’s belated admission over the seizure of high-powered guns (Oct 29). It is annoying to read about the police commissioner denying knowledge about the weapons one day and admitting he signed the papers the very next day. This is a serious matter and the Police Minister must suspend the police commissioner to allow an immediate investigation into this matter. – We are not stupid, Port Moresby



Min province
I BELIEVE the Min people should have their own province within the next two decades. I call upon the elites from Oksapmin, Tefefomin, Ningrum and upper mountain parts of Tabubil to think about this. I am sure we have the population, human resource, vast land mass, minerals, etc. Nothing is impossible. – Min man, Goroka



War against AIDS 
I WAS impressed after watching the AIDS awareness campaign segment on TV last week. I do not know if it was a new programme but I found it educational. I commend Sir Mekere Morauta, Jamie Maxtone-Graham and NAC’s  Wep Kanawi for their participation in the programme. – Ipakere, POM



Ways to restore Lae roads
I HAVE some suggestions on how to restore Lae roads. We should: Set up a fund to repair and maintain Lae roads; our Member must get the tax office to allow donations to this fund to be deducted twice for tax purposes and to encourage the business community to contribute; transfer all public funds for road repair to this fund; set up a Lae road repair committee; let the committee put out and accept tenders for road repairs and maintenance with specifications that the roads will last at least 10 years; and get a reputable firm to audit this fund and prepare regular reports. – Costan Namur, Lae