BSP builds market for school

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 29th November 2011

STUDENTS at the Omili Primary School in Lae will enjoy a new market when the academic year resumes.
It is funded by the Bank of South Pacific. 
From the main road, the new market stands out with its lime-green roof with its concreted floor, benches for food and seats for vendors. 
The market provides a proper and healthier environment for food and snacks to be sold during recess and lunch and provides shelter from the weather.
Prior to the setting up of the community project by BSP’s Lae Commercial Centre, food was sold from bags on the ground, posing health risks.
Mothers and children also braved the rain and sun because there was no shelter.
Manager Agnes Mark said BSP was delighted to deliver the market because it fitted in well with one of the school’s motto: “A health promoting school”.
“From today on, the 1500 or so school children will enjoy this new market that has lots of space to move around and buy food, drinks and fruits during breaks.
“For too long, vendors were sitting on the ground and selling things to children, and was unhealthy,” she said.
The school serves one of the most populated suburbs and settlements and Kamkumung village.
“Children are our future and our commitment to developing them portrays our support for a better future,” school principal Philip Pep said.
The project, which began in August was delivered by Mark and her team who took weekends off to assist the contractor.
Since 2009, BSP has delivered community projects worth more than K1 million annually.
This year BSP has delivered 35 community projects across its 37-branch network nationwide.
BSP also has other community initiatives focusing on health, education, sports and the environment and is proud to be giving back to communities in many worthy ways.