BSP offers new service

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The National, Monday 3rd June 2013

 BANK South Pacific has introduced a new service called Wantok Moni’with the launching of its service agents last Friday. 

Outgoing group chief executive officer Ian B Clyne said: “The bank is making significant inroads in terms of allowing people in remote areas to send and receive money quickly and more efficiently.” 

Wantok Moni is another innovative funds transfer solution that would enable BSP customers to send money to anyone who does not have a bank account. 

The recipient can then withdraw the funds at thousands of access points throughout Papua New Guinea 

“Our newest product Wantok Moni is an affordable transfer service, which will allow people to remit money and receive it at any of our more than 10,000 locations – branches, rural branches, Eftpos, ATMs, and BSP agents,” Clyne said. 

Agent banking is the latest innovation for BSP, and will support Wantok Moni.  

BSP has 200 agents nationwide, where customers are able to do cash deposits, withdrawals and Wantok Moni withdrawals. 

At some agents, people can open BSP Kundu accounts as well. Using the tablet technology, the new customer can walk away, with a working Kundu Card within five minutes.  

“Over the past several months, BSP has been rolling out a network of cash agents and payment processors to extend the reach of our services and bring basic banking to our customers’ doorstep, because we believe in making banking more accessible, easier, convenient and safer for the people of PNG,” Clyne said. 

Improving access to finance and banking services is a priority for the Government and BSP has been applauded for helping expand financial services throughout PNG through its various initiatives and solutions. 

“Banking is a key factor in the economic growth of a nation because it helps people participate in development, and at BSP we are extremely proud to be the leader, to have innovative solutions to have the largest network of branches, and access points,” Clyne said. 

As part of the launch, BSP hosted a mini-expo at its Port Moresby branch forecourt, allowing customers to find out more about mobile banking, Wantok Moni, BSP agents and other products and services.