BSP provides water tank, desks, chairs to Western school


STUDENTS attending St Montfort Primary School in Kiunga, Western, will no longer have classes disrupted due to water supply issues following the delivery and installation of a water tank by Bank South Pacific Financial Group Ltd (BSP).
They also don’t have to sit on the floor for class after BSP Kiunga provided new desks and chairs.
The tanks and classroom furniture were valued at a total of K30,000.
St Montfort Primary School head teacher Pancres Lawrence commended BSP for supporting the school and students.
“The students have steel desks to sit and write on which makes learning more conducive,” he said.
“The newly installed water tank will give students access to clean drinking water and will cater to more than 1,000 students who will now continue normal classes without being sent home due to water supply shortages.
“Now our students are happy and they can enjoy and promote clean water consumption.”
The BSP Kiunga team volunteered for two weekends to help deliver the project for the school by helping paint walls, setting the base of the tank and assembling the desks.
Branch manager Ivy David noted that BSP was the leading financial institution in the Pacific and played a role in giving back to the community in projects such as education, health, sports, environment and other community initiatives.
“We are delivering this project for the betterment of our community and the school students,” David said.