BSP urged to improve services

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

A COMMUNITY leader has urged Bank South Pacific in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, to improve service delivery by cutting down queues at automatic telling machines (ATMs).
Langa Kopio said with the increasing number of customers, Mt Hagen as the third city, must have two branches and more ATMs to effectively serve people there.
He said the BSP Hagen branch serviced parts of the Highlands provinces and the poor service was time consuming.
“BSP must provide its service
effectively for its customers to do business conveniently and smoothly,” he said.
He said the bank’s poor service was affecting other businesses and the working class people.
He said the bank should install
more ATMs in Mt Hagen city for a start.
“With the LNG and the increasing number of businesses growing in the region, the banking service should be made reliable and easy for everyone,” Kopio said.
He said to cope up with the customer demand, the bank must increase and install more ATMs.
John Kopi, from Sigri in Jiwaka, expressed the same concern, saying most times people from other provinces were affected because of the long queues at ATMs.
He said BSP must install ATMs in Banz because “we don’t have an ATM there and coming to Mt Hagen to do banking is long way as there are lot of BSP clients living in Jiwaka”.
He said Jiwaka was a new province and must have its own branch.