Budget should re-start inclusive growth: Ling-Stucky


THE shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance Ian Ling-Stuckey, pictured, says the 2018 budget should re-start inclusive growth and better economic management.
He said the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2006 outlined the steps required for a competent and transparent budgetary process.
“A key step is having a budget strategy released three months before the budget. It was expected in August. The government has failed in meeting important deadlines,” Ling-Stuckey said.
He said the 100-day plan was quite a good initiative by the government “but it has not covered all the information required under the law for a budget strategy”.
“The people of PNG and especially, the Department of Treasury and its officials, deserve a more coherent process than is being offered by the current minister,” he said.
He also said the government should have tabled the 2018 budget already.
“The budget is supposed to be released on the first Tuesday in November. The government is now running three weeks late with the budget now expected on November 28,” he said.
“Unlike in recent budgets, the government must also make sure the alternative government and Opposition is given the right of reply to the budget. Gagging debate and rushing through a budget on the same day it is introduced is not good for democracy and just simply unfair,” Ling-Stucky said.
“The alternative government remains committed to transparent budgetary processes that follow the rule of law.”