Bumayong school opens new staff houses

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BUMAYONG Lutheran Secondary School officially opened two new staff houses and also launched its school of excellence and school learning improvement programme (SLIP) last Friday.
Principal Gisuwat Siniwin said the ground-floor duplex was built at a cost of K250,000 and will house the school’s heads of department for English and Science.
“The duplex, named after Gue Busem, was built using parent’s money, the students’ school fees and it will be the last ground floor staff house to be built,” he said.
He said after this, the school administration planned to build high-set teachers’ houses.
Mr Siniwin noted that the school of excellence was a concept the school had developed with the aim of improving the standard of learning and to prepare talented students for tertiary studies.
According to a working paper presented by the staff on the concept, “national high schools were set up with similar ideas to prepare very bright young Papua New Guineans for tertiary studies”.
The paper said the scope was widened with the inception of secondary schools.
Mr Siniwin said the school, under his leadership, would like to bring the idea to the Education Department.
He also stated that the school had tried to implement the idea by encouraging students to strive for academic excellence and “it has improved the school’s performance”.