Bus fare increase


My recent visit home during the launch of our annual fellowship has prompted me to write on behalf of the silent majority and hardworking rural people who struggle for an honest living.
I personally commend the PMV owners and the operators who have been doing their daily services faithfully within their respective communities during good and bad times.
As a regular traveller along the Magi Highway, particularly the route that leads to the Aroma coast villages from Paramana to Kelerakwa, I am finding it hard to understand why fares have increased recently without the approval of the authorities.
The reason for the fare increase is genuine, but approval should have been sought first.
The president of the Aroma local level government needs to explain why the fare increased, who

Manu Veu,

One thought on “Bus fare increase

  • Bus fares should be according to the distance such as main market to top town or snack bar – Lae as .50 toea, or like kamkumung to main market-Lae suppose to be as K1.00. It depends on the distance. Majority of people are struggling to survive with their little earnings they get to pay for their bus fares every day of their lives. Please re-consider bus fares reasonably.

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