Business gives K2,000 to village schools

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

TWO schools from the Motu-Koita villages of Tatana and Baruni received K1,000 each of goodwill funding yesterday from local accounting firm Gore Accountants and Business Advisors (GABA).
The money was part of a K4,000 funding committed to the Motuan villages of Roku, Kouderika, Tatana and Baruni last year by GABA.
Company principal James Gore presented the money to representatives from the Tatana and Baruni primary schools yesterday and said the money was a sign of goodwill towards the schools and the community in which it operated.
“This is a small firm and the donation is a first of its kind but we feel that we have an obligation towards the community,” Gore said.
“It’s from our heart.”
Gore said in the company’s last board meeting, it agreed to make a donation to the villagers of Roku, Kouderika, Tatana and Baruni because of the business relationship it had with their landowner company Rokotaba.
Rokotaba is a company for the four communities that are affected by the Napanapa InterOil Refinery.
Dickson Brown, one of the directors of Rokotaba Ltd from Baruni village, thanked GABA for its assistance and said the contribution spoke volumes about the company.
“On behalf of the affected people, I want thank you for the donation,” Brown said.
“You are indeed reaching out to the community with such assistance.”
Tatana Primary school head teacher Emleen Sioni, on behalf of the school and education department, thanked GORE and said the directors of Tatana and Baruni made a good decision by investing in education.
“This is a blessing for our school,” Sioni said.
“We will put the money into good use for the operation of our school.”
The other half of the money was shared by the Roku Elementary School and Kouderika villagers in December.