Call for talks with investor


AFTER media reports of developments on the Woodlark project, we want to work with an investor to benefit from our resource-rich island, Woodlark.
We want to partner with Carter Holdings Ltd.
The people of Murua (Samarai-Murua) want to work with the investor – Carter.
It is time we work with the investor to make use of our land.
Our island is blessed with mineral resources, marine resources and the forest.
We have to come together with the investor for a round table discussion.
Though the island is far, people still manage to sail the rough seas to come to Alotau. We have to find ways to overcome these problems.
Health services, education and other government services are very slow.
People should agree to work with the investor to bring these problems to rest.
The mine (Woodlark project) prospecting is currently going on, at this stage the people are going into alluvial mining. Ebony wood are mostly found on Woodlark Island and the investor has encouraged the locals to go into small businesses, while our marine resources are another way forward for people to earn income.
If we keep waiting, nothing will happen.

Stalin Kitaiyega,
Woodlark Island council
president for Murua LLG

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